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You can view my fansigns HERE, I really do appreciate them, so thank you!

Can you vote for me, and tell your followers too? I’ll probably vote for you!:) I don’t know if I’ll tell my followers though, if we’ve talked before, maybe!

Sure, as long as you have 2.5K+

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Please don’t ask me to check out your blog, tag me in a post instead! I track iftimewouldrewind

*Insert compliment here,* check out my blog? I don’t mean to be rude, but please tag me in a post!

Follow me? I’d be happy to check out your blog if you tag me in a post! I never follow on command though, unless I know you in person! :)

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Is this your only blog? No, it’s not haha, I have a personal blog, message me off anon and I’ll send you the URL!:)

Who made your icon? She did

Where did you get your theme? Here!